"I'll get these antennas to stay up one day."

Here' some of a Long Hair Country Boy's stuff, Kyle - KD5VHK.

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The KD5VHK Voodoo Audio Shack!

Another Shack Pic fer KD5VHK!

The Voodoo Audio Rack of KD5VHK!

Da Winch!

The Antenna Array of KD5VHK!

The KD5VHK VHF & UHF Conglomeration!

The Homebrew KD5VHK Hazer!

KD5VHK's Ride!

Rear view of KD5VHK's Truck!

The KD5VHK Truck Ariel!

The Truck Operating Position of KD5VHK!

KD5VHK's Baby!


Aighnt he Cute!

He likes to eat holes!

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